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DejaVu Fashion

Dejavu … a feminine collection inspired by the modern and demanding style of simple woman.

Clothes can tell many stories because they are part of a woman’s journey every single day. The mission of this company is to provide women a unique experience and we desire our apparel to accompany them in all their moments… Our purpose is women to wear our clothing and instantly feel all the love we put from the first thread!

Our Story

The family Mesiaris has developed a successful career in fashion over the last 20 years. Dejavu is the new venture of the 2nd generation of the family.
After many upgrades and investments in equipment we are able to produce high quality clothing. Our goal is to maintain this position in the Greek market and penetrate into new ones.

In light of the excellent quality we are sure that in Dejavu you will find what suits you best and will be combined with the unique style that has every one of you.

And all that … Made in Greece!!!

Our Charity Project

DejaVu Fashion supports “FRONTIZO”, an animal welfare association, in their race to find stray animals a home.


“Frontizo”, is a non-profit organization. It is not funded by any public authority and was created in February 2012 in order to help our little furry friends. Their actions take place mainly in Pefka, Thessaloniki. It is a more extensive and organized effort by the already individual voluntary action by many of us. It is an organization whose operation is based on membership fees and donations of other people.

Our company support their mission with donations. And if you want to add another member to your family, please adopt one of the animals in “Frontizo” and thus support their work. If you wish to contribute in their volunteer work, please make a donation. No matter how big or small your donation can make a difference.

Choose to adopt a homeless dog or Shop to donate

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